The 4 ‘Dos’ and 7 ‘Donts’ of Manifestation

I am in awe of and inspired by Wayne Dyer. I am equally in awe of and inspired by Anthony Robbins and the two are quite different in their views. Whereas Wayne Dyer says “do nothing and nothing will be left undone”; Tony Robbins scoffs at the idea of manifestation as a sole means of fulfilling visions. For me, a happy medium mantra would be something along the lines of “take massive action and surrender”. Or yield.

Part B of the excerpt from Wayne Dyer’s presentation in Sydney are his 4 Dont’s and 7 Do’s of Manifestation which he prefaced by saying “thoughts are the precious currency of your life. How you use these thoughts determines your level of consciousness. As you raise consciousness, your intuitive abilities increase exponentially and ultimately, you have the ability to attract anything.” Unfortunately, he says most people unwittingly use their thoughts to attract what they don’t want by:

1) Thinking about the way things are.

We have the currency to produce what we want but instead, we purchase and think about what we don’t want. Focus on what you intend to manifest. Stop thinking about what IS if you don’t like the way things currently are. Self-actualising people do not spend their time thinking about what is.

2) Talking about they way things are.

3) Talking about the way things always have been

4) Talking about what other people want for you

As an aside, a sign in a beach bar in Tortola, my home base in the Caribbean, reads “Small minds talk about people; average minds talk about events; great minds talk about ideas”. I believe Eleanor Roosevelt said this first but the quirkiness of the hand painted wooden sign in a Caribbean bar is too charming not to credit. But the point is – for god’s sake, stop gossiping. Don’t speak badly about other people. Stop your meanness and your pettiness. It only ends up reflecting on you and is a currency that will ultimately bleed you dry.

So, back to Mr Dyer, who believes that if you hold on to an assumption long enough, it is impossible not to manifest. Here are his 7 principles for manifestation, which spring from a foundation of 4 virtues – kindness, reverence, gentleness and service:

1) Imagination – to come from formless into form it must be clearly imagined. What has not manifested has not been desired enough. By passionately believing in what does not exist, you create it.

As Henry David Thoreau said, “If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” if you do this, success will chase after you – you will not have to chase after it.

2) Living from the end, not towards the end – so first, you must imagine the end and then you must live from there. Live from the place you want to be – abundance, prosperity, joy.

As an example, Wayne said when he first started imagining his book “Wishes Fulfilled” he designed the book jacket and had it printed. One day, a friend of his came into his house and saw the finished book jacket on the coffee table and inquired after the book to which Wayne replied that the book was just catching up with the cover.

N.B This is where Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer are in sync – Tony always talks about living in sight of the outcome and not the process of how to get there. He says when he has interviewed the most successful people on the planet and asked them if they would have done what they did had they known what it would entail, they have almost all said no. So, focus only on the end result.

3) Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled – you must get to a place where you can embody what it feels like to have this wish – in your heart, your mind, your belly.

How do you do this? Again, this is where Tony Robbins is the ultimate master. He talks about getting into “peak state” where you are fully associated to the feeling of being, doing or having what you want. You change your state in one of 3 ways: through physiology (body), focus (what are you thinking about), and language/meaning (what language are you using to describe xx and.or what meaning are you placing on xx).

One of the things I absolutely love about Robbins events is the music they use to get everyone moving and zinging from floor to ceiling – they use physiology to put us into peak state and I tell you what – you can go from a state of deprivation, exhaustion, and a general feeling of being ‘over it’ at 1am after going for 17 hours with only one meal break to feeling like you could rock the house and bring the roof down in 3 minutes when you are in that environment. If you get yourself into that state over and over and over again your body will eventually be conditioned to that peak state as its default. As the saying goes, ‘shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’

4) Pay attention to the outcome (energy flows where focus goes – Robbins) and note there is a difference between objective vs. subjective attention. For example, someone might say that one cannot cure a lifetime speech impediment but if you are the one with that challenge, the attention that YOU put on it (or anything) is what determines the result. Use your imagination to remind yourself of how great it is to be where you are going.

5) Subconscious mind – According to Bruce Lipton who wrote the incalculably brilliant book ‘The Biology of Belief’ the subconscious is where we live 95% of our life and is continually programmed from the the conscious mind. This is often why people feel frustrated with their attempts at manifestation and applying the laws from “The Secret”. You can say something over and over again in your conscious mind but if your subconscious hasn’t bought into the idea, it ain’t going to manifest. And this is also why an incantation, said with total commitment, enthusiasm, facial expression and body movement, is far more powerful than an affirmation that is monotously read off some sheet of paper taped to the mirror. When you truly embody an incantation, your subconscious mind will accept it as reality a lot faster than some pop psychology cliche. You have to own it.

6) Last 5 minutes of your day – When you are ready to go to sleep ask yourself, “what am I doing with my thoughts and my mind because I am about to marinate these thoughts for the next 8 hours (if you’re lucky!)”. Your subconscious mind will then offer you experiences to match your marinated thoughts. Self actualising people spend the last 5 minutes of their day thinking about what they want through their subconscious mind and this is particularly effective because we learn best when we are in trance and our left brain is otherwise engaged.

7) It has to be natural – the ability to manifest does not absolve us from experiencing things in the natural world like illness or loss. You don’t avoid rainstorms in your life – you learn how to dance in the rain. If a desired outcome does not feel natural to you, you have to look your underlying beliefs or values to find the discordance and then either change your beliefs or change the intended outcome so that the two are compatible.

In a nutshell, if you are inspired your consciousness expands in every direction and your mind transcends limitations, dormant faculties arise and you discover yourself as a greater person than you ever imagined.

In closing, Wayne Dyer left us with the observation “You can either be a host to God or a hostage to ego”. This is a choice each of us has – what do you choose?

A bientot.

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