Get unstuck

5 stages of grief:

1) Denial / Shock – Avoidance, Confusion, Fear
2) Anger – Frustration, Irritation, Anxiety
3) Sadness, Loss, Depression
4) Bargaining – Struggling to find meaning, reaching out to others. Telling one’s story.
5) Acceptance – Exploring Options, new plan in place, moving on
6) Creation

People get stuck in anger and sadness and often stop at acceptance.

You’ll feel stuck in your pain or your problem until you value something more than your pain or your problem. The most basic principal of change is energy. Intellectually, this doesn’t mean much but physically, you get it. If you want to change a pattern, you need to change (increase) your energy. Amp up the way you move, breathe and sound – amp it all the way up and change your energy.

We experience what we focus on and what we focus on is determine by our state. Nothing is as important as state. Don’t get stuck in the tyranny of “how”. Focus first and foremost on state.

Change your state by assuming a ‘Power Posture’ eg Wonder Woman or Superman. Stand with feet hip width apart, head up, chest out, shoulders back, breathing deeply and steadily, hands on hips. After 2 minutes of assuming the Power Posture:
1) Testosterone increases by 20%
2) Stress hormones and cortisol levels decrease by 25%
3) Risk tolerance increases by 33%

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