Hang out with your Higher Self – Excerpts from Wayne Dyer at ‘I Can Do It’ Conference; Sydney 2010

To quote one of my teachers, “When we choose a path of self-enlightenment, the illusionary brightness of the life we’ve lived thus far starts to fade. As it becomes dark, we panic. We panic because, like being in the bush with wild animals and unknowns around us, we are scared and unprepared. We are so accustomed to what we are familiar with that something so raw, natural and beautiful frightens us. The darkness you’ve described, I believe is your true untouched lightness. In order to fully appreciate that light, you need to appreciate the darkness first. Only then, as you have discovered, does the light shine”. That is so beautifully said and it comes from the wisdom of someone who is a great teacher and an extraordinarily intuitive healer.

The path and the journey to lightness is a long and winding road that takes vigilance, discipline and daily renewal. I have fleeting moments of inspiration when I think I am there, that I’ve graduated, that all the work has finally paid off. And then I relax a little, hang out in my head, and indulge in egoic ruminations until I find myself once again wading in my small self, my story, my shadow. Sometimes I actually enjoy indulging that side of me. I like to be in a bad mood, or grumpy and agitated and feisty and I want nothing to do with people who come offering me a cheer-up incantation or a change-your-state meditation. But the more I do this work, the more I realise that it is not only our right, but our responsibility, to uncompromisingly choose the highest path. Because every one of us makes a difference. A shift in our own vibrational frequency does indeed have a ripple effect because we are all connected and what happens to one affects the whole. So, whether we choose to satiate ourselves with enthusiasm and gratitude, or wallow in the egoic victim or entitlement mentality, we are affecting the people around us.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend a 2 day conference featuring Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, Caroline Myss, Gregg Dugan and Dr Brian Weiss who all contributed their insight, wisdom and knowledge on where we are headed and how we can make a difference. Wow!! Talk about inspiration. Wayne Dyer should be sainted. He is absolutely captivating (and incredibly funny) and everyone in the audience was riveted for his entire 4-hour presentation so I thought I would like to share an excerpt from his lecture for those who might be interested. The following are snippets from the notes I took so may be a little disjointed but comprehensive enough to receive his message. The notes are lengthy so I am dividing them into two parts. Part B will reflect his ideas about the Power of Thought and the 4 Donts and the 7 Dos for manifestation.

WAYNE DYER – Prophet. 70 years old. 8 children – 6 daughters, 2 sons.

– When someone exhibits an act of kindness – whatever that might be – just that simple act will increase the serotonin levels in both the giver and the receiver. In fact, it has been proven that a 3rd party observer of an act of kindess also experiences a reciprocal release of dopamine as both the giver and the recipient.

– Being in the state of God consciousness is when someone’s mere presence, nothing more, can elevate the consciousness of those around us. And God consciousness is available to us all, at any moment. We are all just instruments of consciousness.

– We are not alone in our struggle. As the Course of Miracles states. “If you knew who walked beside you, all the time, you would never feel fear again”. Mother Teresa was once sponsored by an Arizona radio station to visit orphanages and shelters in the Midwest of America. The manager of the radio station was beside himself in his efforts to offer her something as an expression of gratitude. But all of his offers – the best hotel, a plug on the radio, first class comfort while she was travelling, etc etc – were refused. Finally, he got down on his knees in front of her and said “Please, Mother. Isn’t there anything I can do for you?” She gently got him up off his knees and said “Yes. There is something. Go onto the streets of Phoenix. Find someone living there who thinks he’s alone. And convince him that he’s not”.

– We MUST shift from ordinary levels of consciousness to super levels of consciousness if we, as a planet, are to survive. This is the 100th monkey phenomenon – once you hit critical mass, ALL of the electrons start to align and therefore, every one of us can contribute the tipping point. To ascend to super consciousness means to undergo a fundamental shift in personality. We must have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing and we must be willing to accept responsibility for changing the concept of ourselves. Every excuse that keeps us from moving to a higher level is a meme – a virus of the mind that duplicates, then infiltrates and then spreads. The excuses don’t hold up.

– We have to decide that we want to get to know our Higher Selves, the Divine Quintessence, the concept that you and God can never be separate. All separation is shadow. Stop chasing the shadows, stop seeking things externally and instead look to the relationship with God, our Higher Selves, to have a life filled with meaning. And then you will realise that manifestation is such a powerful tool and that you have the ability to attract virtually anything. But the ego does not manifest anything. Manifestation comes through Spirit.

– If you want to be guided by Spirit, go out and watch the blossoms of the fruit trees. The only way to experience oneness is through silence. God’s voice is stillness. Those who know,do not talk. Those who talk do not know. Restore your own angelic ways of immortality by consistently practicing reverence, kindness, gentleness and service.

– If you want to accomplish big things, think small, do less and achieve more. The less you own, the more you have. Let the universe carry you. Do nothing and nothing will be left undone.


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