“Ashley is a consummate professional, full of fun, and manages to squeeze the very best out of people. I started out a little sceptical about coaching, however she carefully and skilfully steers you in the right direction to allow you to question your values, motives and beliefs which in turn drives positive outcomes. Would I recommend her?..Absolutely and be prepared for positive outcome focussed change.”

Alison Gill, Director, edenfx HSE; Recruit HR people; Hard Hat Recruits

“Before starting the coaching call with Ashley, she asked “what’s the priority focus for the call?” Little could she know that even this harmless little question was enough to inspire instant paralysis, deer-in-headlights-style.

I approached the call feeling fuzzy, unclear and with some trepidation but I needn’t have been concerned. With a gentle spirit but firm hand, Ashley guided me past my own obstacles to unearth the answers I needed.

I have worked with coaches in the past and while I have usually found them useful, the experiences have often also been frustrating as I haven’t been able to access answers to the questions asked. Even a good question becomes frustrating when the answers aren’t in reach. But not so with Ashley. Patiently but inexorably, with unerring insight, she helped me find my answers.

We started the call with me saying I felt like I was standing behind opaque glass and success would be smudging a small circle of the opaqueness away. We exceeded my expectations beyond what I would have thought was possible. By the end of the call, the figurative glass was entirely gone. No smudging necessary, no more knot of anxious fear, no more overwhelming sense of “oh my god, how am I ever going to do what I need to do?!”, no more worry that I didn’t know what to do next or how.

If you’ve ever sensed that there’s more but you’re not sure what it is or how to get it, you’ll know the frustrated restlessness I was experiencing. Thanks to Ashley’s coaching skills, I was able to move past the frustration and the paralysing procrastination it produced and unpack what needed to be done next. What a relief! Mere words are hardly enough to explain the value of this very gifted coach. Good by name, but outstanding by nature.”

Ania Karzek

“Working with Ashley has literally been a life changing experience. Ashley very quickly honed in on my limiting beliefs and gave me tangible tools to change the things getting in the way of me reaching my goals.

She has vast experience in creating strategy for reaching one’s targets, as well as a knack for focusing on aspects of our lives most in need, all of which I have found immensely helpful.

Ashley is compassionate, supportive, professional and always on the money.

I highly recommend Ashley as a life coach. Working with her will help you achieve fulfillment in all areas of your life… and you are going to have fun doing it too!”

Boris Granolic

“Ashley has been championing me as my personal coach since April of 2016, and in this short time I was able to breakthrough barriers I never knew existed, further develop and hone in on my strengths, further my relationships and accelerate my career. Ashley’s coaching style is compelling. A powerhouse herself, she embodies inspiration, passion and accountability. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Ashley will see, feel, experience the results they are after.”

Jamessina Hille

“I approached coaching because I was seeking clarity and direction in every aspect of my life, particularly my professional life. Ashley’s sincerity as a coach has enabled me to work more deeply and progressively than I ever imagined.  With ease, skill and grace Ashley’s 360-degree insight has shone supportive light on my blind spots.  Her skill in revealing these blind spots has enabled me to recognise, own, move through and ultimately surrender life-long limiting beliefs, habits and patterns.   I love the way Ashley reveals limiting beliefs, habits and patterns with grace and sufficient challenge to feel I am being supported and that I am making progress.   I am grateful for the parallels between coaching and spiritual practices and teachings.  I am fascinated and inspired by the way coaching provides practical tools to underpin spiritual concepts of abundance, acceptance, gratitude, allowing, integration and wholeness.  Coaching with Ashley has given me a tool kit of practical strategies for trans-forming challenges into valuable process of whole-person growth and contribution.  Most importantly coaching with Ashely is moving me beyond reliance on tools, it is moving me beyond a way of doing, to a way of being me …

In deep gratitude to Ashley and her dynamic, gracious skills as a life coach.”

Josephine Moloney

“Ashley is magnificent!!! This girl makes me feel like I am on top of the world after our coaching calls!! The tools she has given me to achieve my dreams are priceless and her guidance is outstanding!!! I highly recommend Ashley to anyone who wants to go further faster… She is amazing!!!”

Karen Evans

“Ashley is so caring and compassionate, and as a Coach always knows the right words to say to help bring a sense of peace and reassurance. One of the most important qualities of a Coach is being able to sit with a Client and be totally present, and as a Client, you will definitely feel totally supported by Ashley’s presence and commitment. Ashley is an inspiration to her Clients where she is committed to being true to herself and living an authentic life. While Ashley is true to her own Vision for her own Business, she is also dedicated to learning from the best, to continually increase her skill level, tools and resources to best serve her Clients. Ashley continually attends Coaching workshops and seminars to ensure she remains at the forefront of the Industry. Ashley will sit with you, exactly as you are and exactly where you are at in your journey, and then walk with you, step by step, supporting you to take positive action towards living your dreams.”

Kathryn Broadhurst

“I am living my truth on a new found path that either would’ve taken me a lot longer to figure out on my own or perhaps never at all. I am so grateful for Ashley’s words of wisdom and guidance to really hone in on my skill sets and ultimate goals. We’ve battled weakening patterns and belief systems which were holding me back. Ashley taught me how to have more confidence in trusting my gut when showing up with integrity, how to make the most out of life circumstances and organize my goals in a way that make them more tangible, as oppose to a distant vision.  Working with Ashley has really impacted my social and professional life and I am excited to continue this journey with my new skills. I have so much to look forward to. Thank you Ashley!”

Lina Hargrett

“Ashley Good is a clear-thinking, inspiring coach who thoroughly understands what it takes to make small business grow. Ashley patiently guided me through possible opportunities, helped define a workable strategy, and gave me step-by-step guidance on implementation. Her ideas were valuable and well-informed. She challenged my thinking in many areas, and was able to
quickly grasp exactly where my business was and where it could go. Her recommendations and much needed ‘kick in the pants’ re-launched my business in a new direction and in less than three months increased my revenues by 30%. Remarkable.”

Michael Trembath, Sydney, Australia

I can attribute a promotion and two pay raises in 6 months to Ashley’s coaching. She is an outstanding coach who is totally committed to her clients’ success and every session with her will feel like a turbo boost into the next level of your life. Through our coaching I gained amazing clarity in my personal and professional life. With that clarity, I developed a vision for my professional life that was out of reach before coaching. With each new insight, Ashley kept me focused and held me accountable to taking relevant action and, in an incredibly short period of time, I can now say I am well on my way to living the extraordinary life of my dreams. By keeping you focused and accountable, while providing a great sounding board and an unbiased point of view, she whittles all your ideas into a finely honed vision of where you are going, defining what you want, where you want to be and who you need to be to get you there. I am amazed by how much my life has changed in the past year as a result of coaching with Ashley. Its like finding a 5-year shortcut to where you want to be. Don’t think about it – just do it!”

Pascal Eberle, Sydney NSW

“I started coaching with Ashley when my marriage ended. She was a God send. She supported me and got me back on track in record time!

She is  Absolutely Brilliant, Lovingly direct, Understanding, Strategic, Powerful and Extremely Empowering at the same time. She gives me simple solutions that has made Major Positive results in my personal and professional life. She is the Whole Package.

I signed up for 6 months of coaching with Ashley. Since I started I am happier than I have ever been in my life! I am living my dream for the first time. I am at my goal weight and size. My income has more than doubled within 6 months.

Ashley has empowered me to be my best self in every area. I want her to be my Life Coach for the rest of my life. I love her that much.”

Paula Zynda

“Ashley is a phenomenal coach who over the last 12 months has transformed my life across every single dimension. Her coaching has had the following impact on my life:

  • Spiritually I am no longer limited by the voice in my head, instead I’m now driven by my inner masculine that is ambitious to know no limit, while strong and unmovable to protect my wife
  • Career wise, I’ve turned around a string of poor performances at work to two pay-raises, a promotion and accolades from those that doubted me 12 months earlier
  • An immense increase in Wealth both financial security (the dollars!) and gratitude from discovering my happiness and joy comes from things I can already afford (surfing, weekends away with my wife, living by the beach)
  • Plus, I started a my first business, repaired the relationship with my brother, lost 10kg and the list goes on

Any coach that has completed their certification knows the tools and techniques of personal coaching. What separates Ashley from other coaches is her gift to ask the perfect question so you make all the discoveries, realizations and most importantly commitments yourself.

Ashley will never tell you what to do, because usually we already know ‘what’ to do. Ashley’s questions take you far deeper to eliminate your limiting beliefs, connect with your inner-burning desire and accelerate you toward the happiness you deserve.”

Pete Huggins

““I have been coached by the amazing Ashley Good for the past 12 months. She has the uncanny ability to cut right to the core of anything we are discussing. Her ability to “read my mind” and draw out exactly what is going on is something I have never experienced in a coach before. Her intuition and perspective is second to none! She brings the best out in me and at the same time keeps me accountable in a gentle but firm way. I would count Ashley as one of the most influential people in my Life. She is the “Angel and the Devil” on my shoulder…….Thank-you Ashley!”

Simon Anderson, Business Owner

“My personal growth journey with Ashley has been the most rewarding in my life. Now that is saying a lot coming from me!

Facing my challenges from an early age, being a qualified therapist and life coach and business mentor myself, I was fussy on who I would next work with. I knew it was going to take someone special to assist me in peeling those extra layers off and accessing what needed to be released deep within. That special person was Ashley Good.

We have continued to work together now for 15 months as I steam forward with my goals, both personal and professional, and discover even more of what life has to offer me, and what I have to offer life.”

Tanya Unkovich

“As Director of Coaching for Robbins Research International (RRI), Tony Robbins company, I received an average of 400 applications every time we announced a coaching intake. Of those 400 applications, I would accept between 5-7% as candidates into our 3-month, 3-stage intense and immersive recruitment process to become a Peak Performance Results Coach for the clients of Anthony Robbins. Candidates were then further whittled down with each progressive stage of the selection program and, in the end, we would usually invite only 3-5 successful graduates to become Peak Performance coaches for RRI.


In 2014, I identified Ashley not only as a top choice recruit to become one of our coaches but I also hand-selected her as one of 8 candidates to test-pilot a new pre-training program called Fast Track. The purpose of Fast Track was to exponentially accelerate the training required to become an RRI Peak Performance Results Coach so that the Fast Track graduates could then assist our Master Trainer in onboarding and upskilling the remaining applicants.


In addition to being passionate, resourceful, and committed, our Fast Track candidates needed to be fast learners, agile thinkers, highly adaptable and natural born leaders of deep authenticity.


I knew we would invite Ashley Good to become a Peak Performance coach for RRI even before the process began. She has a servant’s heart, a sharp, intelligent, and intuitive mind and a Divine Feminine goddess-like energy that engenders trust and creates a space for profound insight.


Ashley has a greatness in her that cannot be taught. She is a valuable asset to any individual or organisation and I thoroughly recommend her for any role to which she feels called.”



Marc Von Musser, Director of Sales, Clients on Demand