Work With Me

I don’t believe it takes 6 months or a year to create life-changing shifts. In fact, I’ve worked with successful people who have completely changed their lives with six sessions in six weeks. At the beginning, they didn’t think it was possible. By the end, they couldn’t remember where they were when they started. In my experience, when you’re truly committed to the results you want and you’re ready to cross the threshold of the unknown, time is irrelevant. What some might call ‘miracles’ are not uncommon results for my clients.


For that reason, I limit coaching to 3 months at a time and I insist on a healthy break between coaching packages to really integrate and execute your distinctions. I believe that less is more and depth is more important than breadth. While most coaches encourage their clients to keep re-enrolling in coaching ad infinitum, I am a big believer in all of us learning how to access our internal Sage, Master and Guru. Sometimes when you take off your glasses, your eyes get stronger and your vision becomes clearer. I believe the same is true for coaching.


I only work with a small handful of clients at a time and I only work with clients where there is an excellent fit between us. If I’m not the right coach for you, I know many wonderful coaches that I can proudly recommend.


One of the offerings I am excited to share with you is the introduction of the “Blitz Coaching” package. “Blitz Coaching” is perfect for you if you’re gearing up towards a new project, opportunity or transition or when you are needing to resolve an issue or make a decision and where a short intense burst of coaching would be really valuable.


Blitz Coaching options:

1 day (4 hours) or 2 days (8 hours) to roll our sleeves up, get dirty, get down to work and get it done $USD1500 / $USD3000

4-session package over 4 days –  Monday through Thursday – $USD1200

6-session package over 2 weeks with 3 sessions per week – $USD1500

8- session package over 2 weeks with 4 sessions per week – $USD1800


Standard coaching packages:

6-sessions @ $USD1800

8-sessions @ $USD2200

10-sessions @$USD2500

All sessions are generally 45 -60 minutes long unless otherwise agreed. Coaching sessions are by phone or WhatsApp and are supported by homework, check-ins and additional resources where appropriate.