One to one deep coaching starts with the premise that what’s unseen is more powerful than what’s seen; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; what got you to this level won’t get you to the next, and the mind often blocks our capacity to experience life’s Pure Potentiality. Sometimes we need to deconstruct the old to reconstruct the new.

Bill Gates, principal founder of Microsoft and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google both said, “Everyone needs a coach.” Why? Because no matter how successful you become and however it is that you personally define success, we all have a blind spot and every new level in our life has a blind spot. As the saying goes “A jam jar can’t see its own label” and fish don’t know they’re in water. I help you see, feel and know the water so you can take action from an exponentially expanded perspective. I coach to your Highest and Best Self, the part of you that the egoic you cannot always see.

If you are curious, willing, open and committed to playing full out let’s talk.